Educating the girls is the best investment for society as when we educate a girl family is educated & the country move ahead and the benefit is transmitted across generations. The mission to empower women and girls through innovation, and opportunity by providing an environment-friendly solution to menstrual hygiene. The objective is to empower schoolgirls to achieve their full academic potential by improving attendance rates and can also play a vital role to reduce waste.


Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) is one of the critical challenges that adolescent girls face. It results in monthly absenteeism of 3 to 7 days & poor performance in schools. Further 20% of girls leave the school no sooner they start menstruating. Lack of access to sanitary protection and towels disempowers girls, as they have to stay at home to avoid staining their clothes with blood in public. The cost of sanitary ware and towels is beyond the reach of many young women and girls, with most ending up missing school altogether during their menses.

By spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene management and distributing an affordable and effective sanitary product, propose to reduce this gender-specific barrier and improve girl attendance and retention rates in primary schools. Which will mean that thousands of Africa & Asian girls will now have a product that allows them to manage their period effectively and hygienically, no longer disturbed by the discomfort and infections, uninhibited by the humiliation that previously kept them out of the classroom.